Monday, June 25, 2012

Ms. McCan's Class

While I was away at CHIPROM, I was contacted by a teacher at my Dad's school. She was a gr. 1 teacher who was interested in getting some of the kids at CHIPROM to be pen pals with her students.

We were able to write back and forth several times, and I know the kids at CHIPROM were super excited when they saw some of the letters the Canadian students were writing them! The Saturdays where we worked on our letters to Canada were much anticipated events, and I'm glad that we were able to do something so exciting for both groups of kids!

I was able to visit the gr. 1 class when I returned to Canada, and I gave them a bit of a presentation on what I did in Nigeria, and told them about who their pen pals were. I even brought a poster with me that the CHIPROM kids had coloured while I was with them! It was really cool to answer their questions, and help them learn more about the wide, wild world.

So thank you again, Ms. McCan's class! It was awesome getting to visit you and tell you about my trip!

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