Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Interviews & More Pictures

So, as you know, I got interviewed by the Barrie Examiner, but I also got interviewed by the Barrie Advance this afternoon! Super exciting, not gonna lie.

Also, my friend Allie Spencer was kind enough to take some pictures of my fundraiser, which I will now show to you all. (Allie is an amazing photographer! You should check out her photo blog here for more beautiful things.)

(Allie is the beautiful girl on the left!)

(Side note here, my Nana was amazing enough to bake 95% of the delicious baking we had that night, and I forgot to mention her in the original post. So, here's your shout out Nana! You are an amazing baker, and an amazing Nana! Thank you so much for supporting me for this trip!)


  1. you're sweet!! thanks for the shoutout my dear! and YA NANA! your treats rock!!

    love yooou sierrraaaabearrra. or my new name for you as per a broadway musical title, birdie ;)

  2. OH YA! and tell me about your photoshoot my lady! forgot to ask you the specifics about that yesterday!

  3. hahaha, the photoshoot was pretty lame. it was basically me kneeling in front of my suitcase with a teddy bear and a newsletter. He took maybe 5 pictures, and then it was over!

  4. Wow! Things are rapidly happening...Life must be crazy busy for your right now! You'll be gone in the blink of an eye! I can't wait to hear more of your adventures and memories in Nigeria. What's the exact date that you leave? I'll keep my eyes peeled on your blog! :)