Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sometimes, I really love the City of Barrie

My workplace can be so awesome sometimes. Yeah, its a job just like the rest of them with stupid things that go wrong, and early shifts and superheated pool decks and freezing water (okay, maybe those last two are job specific) BUT the people are the best.

I mean, the people I work with on Saturday mornings make it so worth while to come in early and work for only a few hours!

In the past, people have snuck in at night and decorated the pool office with balloons for someone's birthday, and we made our own fireplace with personalized stockings for Christmas! I really love it there. Anyways, the Saturday crew made me this beautiful card with so many wonderful things in it. And I've been asked by so many people where I'm going and what I'm going to do there.

As you know, I'm teaching swimming lessons when I get to Nigeria, and obviously the people that I work with at the pool think that's an awesome idea! Thank you everyone for your great support and excitement for me as I leave in 9 days!

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