Thursday, May 31, 2012

Children of CHIPROM: Samuel & Elizabeth

Well, if it isn’t Little Miss Sassy and Mr. Swag in person! These 6 year olds are always a riot. 
Samuel is constantly running around, showing off his kung-fu moves, wrestling with Isaiah and the other boys on the sitting room floor, and occasionally sits still enough to watch some Power Rangers on TV. He is full of energy, thats for sure! Occasionally, he'll cuddle up to me and sit still, but it only ever lasts for a few minutes, and then he finds some new task to keep him running around.

Elizabeth, or Elli as she likes to be called, is the sassiest little girl I have ever met. I figured these kids would have sass, but I never expected this much! She loves bossing people around, dancing and just strutting her stuff in her many skirts and dresses. Anytime I try to take a picture of her, she’s always got a new pose for me! She also knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up: a hairdresser. Several times a day, she walks up to me (struts would be a better word) and says "lemme do yo hair". She's great!

These kids make the house so loud and crazy and capital-F Fun! 

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