Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nigerian Life: Thunderstorms

Hello all!

For the past few nights, Ibadan has been hit with some pretty killer thunderstorms. And I mean "rattle-the-windows-with-the-subwoofer-sound-coming-from-the-sky" thunderstorms. It's been pretty epic to say the least! (Although it's apparently completely normal. The only person who is shocked and amazed every time lightning strikes is me.)

Last night I decided to bust out my camera and start filming. I've never had such a good vantage point for lightning before, so the results (at least in my humble opinion) are AWESOME. In fact, capturing lightning on camera was on my bucket list.

See, right there? No. 36? Yeah, I can check that one off now. (Also note, apparently at some point I wanted to be a sailor. We'll see if that happens!)

I actually screamed with glee when I got the first shot. Dreams coming true here, people.

I had a few of the kids sitting with me on the top bunk in the girl's room, and we would count to three and then I would take a picture on "three". It was so fun to share all the "sky fire" with them! I'm going to remember doing this for a lonnnng time.

And my personal fave...

It was literally 15,000 times cooler than fireworks. God is such an incredible pyrotechnic!

(I also made a video. Enjoy!!!)


  1. Thank for sharing the amazing pictures of the lightning. We also really liked watching your video!! You are a great photographer. We find it very interesting to find out what is going on in Nigeria. We can't wait until your next blog!

    Ms. McCans' Grade 1 Class

    P.S. It has been a little rainy here too!

  2. What do you do with a wannabe sailor
    What do you do with a wannabe sailor
    What do you do with a wannabe sailor earleye in dee Marnen

    You send her off to the Logos Hope
    send her off to the Logos Hope
    Send her off to the Logos Hope
    to fill her life with adventure.

    Another prophecy from ortorongongo ;-)