Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chiprom 7th Anniversary

Hello everyone!

I had a pretty awesome weekend, not going to lie to you :)

This past Sunday, we had the 7th year anniversary of Chiprom. So obviously we threw a party!

It wasn't very big by African standards, but there were about 50 people there. We sang some worship songs, and commemorated the wonderful 7 years we've been blessed with, and held a prayer for the next 70 years. God has his hand on this place, and even when there are struggles, it only teaches us to rely on Him more.

Then the kids sang! I helped them learn some of their songs, and then they also presented a play (something similar to the Good Samaritan). I was really proud of them.

And then we had the obligatory dance party, of course! I think I danced straight for two hours.. and my face was bright red, and everyone was sweating, and even though we were all pretty disgusting as far as appearances go, it was a great time. 

I really want to thank the Idowu's for all the wonderful work they've put into this place. Without their vision, Chiprom wouldn't be here. They spend so much of their time and money and energy pouring into this place, and the kids love them like their own parents. They have made my stay in Nigeria a blessed and exciting one, and I am so thankful for them!

I hope you people back home had a wonderful weekend, but I don't know if anyone can top having a dance party with Nigerian children for two hours. :)


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