Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Children of CHIPROM: Kehinde

Kehinde is literally the cutest thing I have ever set eyes on.
I mean, look at those lips!
Kehinde is a beautiful four year old boy who loves to cuddle me whenever I sit down, and often cries if he can't sit beside me. He has a huge gut laugh, and it often surprises me that such a jolly sound could come from such a small kid!

Kehinde also has sickle cell anemia. Whenever this guy gets sick, they have to rush him to the hospital to make sure that he is going to survive. I haven't seen this side of him during my stay, but rather the lively little boy that I know he is.

Please pray for him, and that God would miraculously heal him. And if you feel that God has placed a call on your heart to donate to CHIPROM on behalf of Kehinde, feel free to contact any of CHIPROM's offices. His medical bills can be very expensive, but CHIPROM knows that every penny is worth it for this little one's life.

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