Monday, April 2, 2012

Party Party Time

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I'm still figuring out the routine here, so I haven't had much time for blogging. But here I am!

This past week has been a lot of driving kids to school, moving things around in the house and learning how to work without electricity (or running water on some days). It is definitely a growth curve for me!

This weekend, however, was anything but ordinary. Mrs. Idowu's mom turned 80 on Saturday, and we threw a gigantic birthday party for her! The funny thing is, I thought it was pretty big (around 100 people), but with African standards, it was a small and intimate setting :)

It started out with lots of speeches from friends and family to the birthday lady. Even though I couldn't understand most of them, I could tell that this lady is truly loved.

Then, we transitioned into lunch time, which was a combination of plantains, rice, chicken and something that appeared to be spicy bread cooked inside a leaf envelope. I have no idea what it was!

After this, we had a dance party. At first, it was just me and one other lady who was teaching me how to "dance like an African". (Needless to say, I was embarrassed out of my mind!! Like I said, it as only me and one other person. AHH!) And then the kids joined in and it was a real dance party. No one knows how to dance quite like a Nigerian ten year old.

{Here's a picture of me with my new african dress, and some of the kids. Sorry for not putting up more pictures, but I shot in a really high quality setting for the birthday party, so the pictures are haaayyyuuuuggeee and won't upload with this internet even if I were here for ten years. I'll try to fix that though!}

Sunday was another relatively quiet day. It rained for something like five minutes (which was extremely exciting!!) Let's hope thats a foreshadowing of things to come soon.

But as much as I want rain, I am earnestly praying that it won't flood the city. The more I drive around, the more I see that the drainage systems that are in place haven't been maintained. In fact, I saw an overflow pond that was built to take on the excess area running off the roads, and it was still completely bogged up from last years rain.

So here's a prayer list for you. I figured that since I made this blog to keep everyone updated, I might as well give you the relevant prayer topics!

  • that the rain (when it comes) will NOT flood Ibadan, but instead quench the heat
  • that the children will continue to stay healthy (the chicken pox are pretty much gone from the girls who had it!)
  • thank God that I have been healthy (haven't had any problems so far.. let's pray it stays that way)
  • thank God that I'm starting to understand the schedule a little better, and that this place is starting to feel like home
  • also pray that the Boko Haram will dissolve. I'm not sure how much has been in the news about them in North America, but they are all over the place here. I didn't realize how much of a problem they were until I arrived. Ibadan hasn't had to deal with them, but there is a lot of struggle in the North. Every few days, we hear on the radio that the Boko Haram have killed another government official, or someone important. It's awful. Pray that peace would come back to Nigeria, and that the Boko Haram would just disappear. They are basically the Al Qaeda of Africa, which is pretty scary.
  • keep praying that God is going to use me and this ministry in a mighty way!!

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