Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nigerian Life: Driving

Oh man, oh man! The driving here is utterly opposite of Canadian driving. I mean, swerving all over the non existent centre line to avoid pot holes and pedestrians, slowing down from 80 to 20 to survive a speed bump (either an intentional one, or one made by cracked pavement).

One also has to careful of Okadas (street bikes) which may come ripping beside you, carrying up to four people!! And you have to watch out for pedestrians and hawkers who are trying to sell things at the side of the road.

I made this video over the few weeks that I've been here.

I'm not saying that Canadian driving is better, I'm just highlighting how Nigerian driving is different. It's always an adventure heading out in the bus!



  1. This is crazy driving conditions!....incredible....and I am glad that you are not driving you lots mama

  2. We liked your pictures of Nigeria. We were suprised about the bugs and all of the speed bumps on the roads. What do the children do all day? Do they go to school too?

    Ms. McCans' Grade 1 Class
    Assikinack Public School

    1. The kids usually go to school during the day (from 8-2:30) but right now they are in between terms, so it's their spring break. We've been going on several outings. That's going to be my next post!