Monday, April 9, 2012


Happy Easter everyone!! JESUS IS ALIVE! LET'S CELEBRATE!!

Easter service was somewhat uneventful here, as we celebrated in the home with singing, dancing and a message about His love and grace for us. Some of the other girls went to another church service later, and had to leave early because the service was stretching on 'til after lunch. Apparently, thats a normal occurrence during holidays in Nigeria. Services that would usually be only two hours stretch out to four or five.

It was exciting to celebrate Jesus' resurrection with twenty Nigerian children though! God truly loves these kids, and they know it and thank him for it every day. It's an infectious attitude!

The kids have also started their holiday between terms. This entire week is off from school for them, so we are heading out on different outings (the beach/zoo/hiking trip). I'm pretty excited about that! I'll update you about it as it goes on.

We also went swimming again on Saturday, and this time it went a lot more smoothly. I split the kids into much smaller groups, and took them a few at a time. We did our bubbles, our floats and some of the little ones even let me dunk with them!

I also had the opportunity last week to visit a local school called Crestwood Nursery/Primary school. It is run by one of the Chiprom board members, Mrs. Odunjo. She showed me around the school, and showed me their classrooms, and what they were learning, and then invited me to teach them! That was pretty awesome. I drew a world map on the board, and then showed them where Nigeria was, where Canada was, and things of that nature. The kids just ate it up. I think that visiting that school may become a part of my regular schedule (which the inner teacher inside of me is excited about!)


  1. you're amazing. my heart is bursting seeing/hearing (reading) about these neat opportunities!

  2. You rock, teacher! I knew you had it in you!

  3. Hi Sierra;

    It is Natalie; I spoke with Cyndi this evening and she was giving me an update on how life is in Nigeria. We have the photo from the newspaper of your whole family on the fridge so we are remembering you daily. What an incredible experience for you! The children are beautiful and I am quite impressed with your writing and photos. Go Sierra Go!