Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pen Pals

Before I left for this trip, I had a little girl named Roni ask me if she could send a pen pal package with me to Chiprom. Of course I said YES!! What a great idea!

Today I sat down with two girls (Joy and Dupe) and explained the whole thing to them and they were super excited. They sat and wrote out all about what they like to do, and who their siblings are and asked questions about Canada. I'm going to be sending the letters on Monday!

(Roni, Dupe (Dook-bay) is on the left, and Joy is on the right. They both really really wanted to write to you, so I hope you're ready for two pen pals!!)

I have also been e-mailing my Dad (who is an elementary school teacher-librarian) and he said that the grade 1 class at his school would love to write letters back and forth with some the kids here. Of course I said YES!

So Ms. McCan's grade 1 class? Here are the letters I helped some of the kids write. Write some of your own and e-mail them to me, and I can show them to the kids, and maybe we can start something!

The kids writing are Taiwo & Kehinde (twin girls), Samuel & Elizabeth (twins), Isaiah & Esther (twins) and Sunday.

I think its so cool that these kids can write back and forth to each other. I feel blessed to be a part of this international community!


  1. Dear Taiwo, Kehinde, Samuel, Elizabeth, Isaiah, Ester, Sunday and Sierra:

    Thank you for writing and sending us pictures. We think they were very interesting. We will send you some of our own letters soon.

    We are getting ready to celebrate Earth Day on Friday. Do you celebrate it too?

    From Ms. McCans' Class

    1. I've asked, and although Nigeria does not have an Earth Day, every Thursday the shops open later to conserve energy and the environment. They also do this every last Saturday of the month. Pretty cool stuff! How was earth day for you guys?

  2. We cleaned up our yard and planted pretty pansies.

    We were wondering what are some of the children's favourite foods? What do they usually eat for dinner? How has the weather been there recently.

    We liked to see the music and dancing.

    1. Oh, I'm sure the pansies look lovely!

      The children love beans and pap (pap is usually a breakfast food though). Pap is basically hot pureed corn pudding. It really fills you up! The kids also love rice and fish wish hot pepper sauce. We eat rice a lot! They also eat something similar to Mr. Noodles, called Indomie.

      As for the weather, it's been nicer. It rains every once in a while, which cools the air down, and the only part of the day when its too hot is the afternoon. Mornings and evenings are lovely!